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NewItem CL-CC-NEUT Framar Claw Clips 4pk - Neutral
NewItem CL-CC-PSTL Framar Claw Clips 4pk - Pastel
NewItem CNDPOL413 Cnd Vinylux - Cuddle Up
NewItem CNDPOL414 Cnd Vinylux - Happy Go Lucky
NewItem CNDPOL415 Cnd Vinylux - Feel The Flutter
NewItem CNDPOL416 Cnd Vinylux - In Lust
NewItem CNDPOL417 Cnd Vinylux - Love Fizz
NewItem CNDPOL418 Cnd Vinylux - Steel Kisses
NewItem CNDSHL413 Cnd Shellac - Cuddle Up
NewItem CNDSHL414 Cnd Shellac - Happy Go Lucky
NewItem CNDSHL415 Cnd Shellac - Feel The Flutter
NewItem CNDSHL416 Cnd Shellac - In Lust
NewItem CNDSHL417 Cnd Shellac - Love Fizz
NewItem CNDSHL418 Cnd Shellac - Steel Kisses
NewItem CSLPCLPL Shellac Pop Col - Painted Love